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Behavioral Health Services/PHP

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Pace School's mental health services meet the complex needs of children with emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with their ability to succeed in the public school environment.  At Pace, we believe that the integration of mental health services into the child’s most natural environment, a school classroom, is an effective way to ensure that he or she develops functional coping mechanisms.   Several options for meeting these needs are offered.

School-Based Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): This service option provides individual, group and family therapy, medication management and service coordination with other providers. Partial Hospitalization services (“partial”) are voluntary mental health services for children and teenagers who have a serious emotional and/or behavioral disorder. The service may be recommended to prevent children/adolescents from needing a psychiatric hospital stay or treatment in a residential facility. Students referred to PHP must complete an evaluation by a Mental Health Therapist and Psychiatrist and be determined to meet medical necessity criteria for this level of care.

Social Work Services: Available to students not enrolled in the PHP.

Pace School Social Workers:

  • Conduct formal and informal assessments of student functioning, developmental history, family and community structure, interpersonal relationships, adaptive behavior and cultural factors that may influence learning;
  • Assist in the planning of therapeutic, remedial and behavioral modification activities
  • Provide direct interventions to students, including individual and group therapy, counseling, and educational and informational programs;
  • Conduct counseling sessions regarding Social Emotional learning and Mindfulness;
  • Provide supportive case work to children and their families, including parent education and self-advocacy;
  • Assist students and their families with gaining access to formal and informal community resources;
  • Assist staff in collaborating with community agencies and organizations;
  • Participate in interagency panels to assist effective integration of services to students;

Assessment:  Ongoing assessment is conducted at Pace to identify and differentiate symptoms.  Functional Behavior Assessment is a routine part of each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).